Video Editing and Subs     

HARVARD University Lecture - Dr.Stephen Wander (Host:Arthur Clint)

I processed (edited) and subtitled this video for HARVARD University Lecture lead by Dr.Stephen Wander DC. Host Arthur Clint made introduction to lecture.

Floppy Snake video for Facebook page - Everything Explained

This video was created for Facebook Channel - "Everything Explained". I did all: subtitling, video editing, chroma key and animation.

Russian Salad video for YouTube Channel - I Can Do it Myself (Mogu Ja To Sama)

This video was created for waggish educational YouTube channel (intended for young women) - "I Can Do It Myself"(Mogu Ja To Sama). Specific video explains in a funny way creation of Russian Salad.

Salomon Adventure - Facebook Application promotional video

Salomon Shoes Adventure is Facebook Application promotional video. Video represents how Salomon Adventure Application will interact with someones Facebook profile and lead him to running shoes travel adventure.

Sizzle Reel for Dr Stephen Wander from Integrated Health Center of Maryland

Sizzle (Show) Reel created for Dr.Stephen Wander from Integrated Health Center of Maryland and used on local US TV stations.

CNC STEP Promotional video for HighZ S1000 mill

CNC Step ( is company that makes machines for almost all applications: Plasma Cutting, Laser Engraving, Granite Engraving, Milling or Routing and more, all on one machine. This video is promotion I made for HighZ S1000 mill machine.

Boondock Saints - movie trailer

This 2 minutes long movie trailer was requested by First Production film company. It was made for promotional purposes of "Boondock Saints" DVD movie edition. Classic video/audio editing. Software Used: Adobe Premiere CS2.

Barbican Superhero - Facebook Game Visualization

This is Barbican "Superhero" Facebook Game visualization. I made only video and audio editing. 3D graphic sequences were taken from Motorcycle Video Game (Auto Theft).

Reebok - Facebook Application Visualization

This is Reebok Crossfit "Secret Fans" Facebook Application visualization using video-audio editing techniques.

Mercedes Test Drive ML350 - Facebook promotional video

This is video sequence requested by Mercedes for "Test Drive ML 350" Facebook application promotion.

Sharp 100th Anniversary - Funny Facebook Promotional Video

This is Sharp's 100th Anniversary celebration funny Facebook promotional video.

Sharp 100th Anniversary

This is Sharp 100th Anniversary celebration promotional video. His purpose is to show possible interaction between Sharp 100th Anniversary Facebook application and Facebook users.

My personal editing experiment using BBC, Discovery and National Geographic footages

Video editing with sequences from BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. Music background is heavy metal band Magica.

Television S - Crawler

This video represents TV crawler I designed for Sport television show. Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Wondertouch Particle Illusion.