About me     

Fedor Rakic - designer, animator, painter and artist

My high school education started in 9th Belgrade gymnasium were I became programming associate expert.

Thereafter by the influence of my artist parents I commances to study Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade where I graduated at Graphic - Painting section in 1999.

From 1998. to 2000. I was a part of the team that painted several New Byzantine Orthodox churches through Bosnia and Hercegovina (Brcko, Bjeljina, Gacko..).

After graduation in 1999. I enrolled in interdisciplinary magistry studies of Digital Arts at the University of Art in Belgrade and in 2006. I got my Magisty degree (level between Master and PhD). From 2009. I was enrolled in PhD studies at same University and in 2014. got the my PhD diploma in the same field - Digital Art.

When it comes to my canvas paintings they are founded on Surrealism and Metaphysical elements but last 14 years I am searching and expressing my art in various fields and they are mostly digital.

Concerning previously said, I have a lot of experience, almost 20 years in various industries: print and graphic design, web design, video editing, animation, special effects, dvd authoring, marketing and copyright.