Land Dubai - Real Estate Properties


LandDubai is a portal that enables users to make, edit, and delete content, participate in the forum and to communicate with each other. LandDubai is not just a simple 'search for a property site' but a complete information source compiled and written to aid and assist you in gaining a better knowledge of Dubai's key property areas.

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AstoriaGraf - CNC


Requested by AstoriaGraf CNC engraving and printing firm. AstoriaGraf sells CNC engraving machines, equipment, parts, expendable materials and provides all sort of graphic services.

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XFactory - workinternet.net and netposao.net

www.workinternet.net - ENGLISH VERSION
www.netposao.net - SERBIAN VERSION

This webportal was made by me and my collaborator programmer Aleksandar Josik. XFactory is our mutual solution in CMS (Content Management System) and portal development. Our XFactory webportal solutions are available for application or adaptation for a wide range of needs: sports, media, science, technology, fashion, health, vehicles, real estate, tourism, etc.

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Project Management Tool


This webportal was made by me and my collaborator programmer Aleksandar Josik. Our Project Management Tool is role based, online portal that allows all employees to make suggestions on improvements on both their own work and overall company development using multimedia (Combination of text, images, youtube video, pdf documents, Google maps, files for download, slideshow...). Project Management Tool tracks timings of development phases and invested time. It can be used in any company to make the employees creative and innovative.

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