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Fedor Rakic - designer, animator, painter and artist

Born 29.3.1974. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Educated in IX Belgrade gymnasium as a programmer and by influence of his artist parents he commances to study Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade and graduates at Graphic-Painting section in 1999.

From 1998. to 2000. he was a part of the team that painted (in seco technique) several New byzantine orthodox churches through Bosnia and Hercegovina (Brcko,Bjeljina,Gacko..).

After graduation in 1999. he was enrolled in interdisciplinary MA (magistry) studies of Digital Arts at the University of Art in Belgrade, and in 2006. he gets Magisty degree in this field (level between MA and Phd).

From 2009. he was enrolled in Phd studies at same University and in 2014. gets certificate for PhD University degree.

When it comes to his canvas paintings they are founded on Surrealism and Metaphysical elements but last 14 years he is searching and expressing his art in different digital media.

Concerning previously said, he has a lot of experience (15 years in various CG industries) in working within commercial use of: graphic design, prepress, video editing, animation, marketing strategies, copyright and many web technologies and applications.

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